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plantas de stevia

Sweet by Nature

Stevia, a gift from nature, allows us to sweeten foods and drinks naturally, providing multiple health benefits .

At YEVIA , we promote a healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly diet, encouraging the consumption of 100% natural , agroecological and chemical-free products.

Our Stevia comes in its purest and most natural form: dried and ground leaves, completely free of additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients, and without any type of processing or refinement.

stevia plants
stevia leafs
stevia leafs


Ka'a he'ẽ (sweet herb in Guaraní language)

Stevia is a herb that is characterized by the sweet flavor of its leaves.

The Guaraní communities have used the complete leaves of this shrub for centuries as medicine, as well as to sweeten yerba mate and other foods.


The Spanish doctor Pedro Jaime Esteve was the first to study it and give the plant a name.


In 1900, the chemist Ovidio Rebaudi discovered a glycoside in this plant species capable of sweetening 200 times more than refined sugar, but without the counterproductive effects that it produces on the human body.


The Swiss naturalist Moisés Bertoni was the first to scientifically describe it in Alto Paraná.


Hence its name: Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni.

cultivo de stevia


Organic, agroecological and agroforestry agriculture

aponapó jungle reserve


Aponapó Jungle Reserve

El Soberbio, Misiones, Argentina.


After years of dedication and effort, we are proud to announce the launch of YEVIA, our exclusive combination of YERBA MATE WITH STEVIA .


Since 2015, we have been passionately working on this project, and today, we are finally excited to share it with you. We hope you enjoy this healthy new product as much as we do!

Yevia logo

"The well-being of the people, development of local communities and conservation of the Misiones jungle."

Create an economy based on conservation, where "success" is measured by the well-being of society and its communion with nature.

reserva de selva aponapó


Yevia is an Argentine TRIPLE IMPACT company focused  in the well-being of people, development of local communities and conservation of the Misiones jungle.


Through the production of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, our objective is the production of healthy, natural and environmentally friendly products that aim to generate economic development opportunities for vulnerable communities in the Province of Misiones.

beneficiarios yevia


YEVIA reinvests part of its income in expanding the production of Stevia mother plants in the Aponapó Jungle Reserve and in providing vegetative material to new families.


This investment includes the introduction of innovative crops such as pitanga, and soon, ginger and other herbs, which will enrich our yerba mate blends with stevia. This strategy not only increases the diversity and quality of our products, but also improves the profitability and sustainability of the project. 

beneficiarios yevia


YEVIA integrates new families into the project, facilitating direct access to the market, without intermediaries and under fair trade principles. We offer seedlings, training and essential resources for local residents and indigenous communities of Kaa' guy Porá to manage their own productive plots.


This approach empowers the local community, especially youth and women, improving their quality of life and avoiding emigration due to lack of opportunities. Additionally, we promote agroecological and biodiversity conservation practices, eliminating the use of agrochemicals and promoting sustainable resource management. The project contributes to progressively eradicating tobacco cultivation from the area, combating deforestation and offering healthier and more ecological productive alternatives such as stevia.

impacto ambiental


YEVIA, rooted in the heart of the Misionera Jungle, is committed to the conservation of biodiversity and reforestation with native species. In our Aponapó Reserve , we have a germplasm bank that includes 54 species of native trees.


Each year, we produce approximately 10,000 new trees that go toward restoring watersheds and agrolandscapes, improving connectivity between forest fragments and rehabilitating degraded areas, particularly those previously affected by tobacco cultivation.


Huellas para un Futuro Logo

Fundación Huellas para un Futuro

Yevia originates from the Sustainable Agricultural Production Program (one of the 4 axes that make up the comprehensive Kaa'guy porá Project implemented by the HF Foundation since 2012) and is formulated as a triple impact company with the aim of nurturing producers under professional and independent management.

The income generated will boost the number of beneficiaries by marketing a regional product directly, without intermediaries, and promoting sustainable community development.


RACI (Argentine Network of International Cooperation)

Through the RACI , co-manager of the funds provided by the New Zealand Embassy, we obtained financing during the III Phases of the Project (cultivation of mother plants, theoretical-practical training from INTA and infrastructure).

RACI is a federation made up of different CSOs from Argentina whose objective is to strengthen organizations, generate impact on the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs, and promote articulation and access to financing.

New Zealand Logo

New Zealand Embassy

They have supported us from the beginning, providing funds during the 3 Phases of the Project.

Sustainable Agricultural Production Program

(Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) :

PHASE I - 2015/16

PHASE II - 2017/18

PHASE III - 2021/2022

Holistic natural logo

Holistic Natural

Together we promote a healthy, balanced and ecological diet, encouraging the consumption of 100% natural products, free of pesticides and in harmony with the environment, promoting the restoration of degraded environments and offering opportunities for indigenous people.


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