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monte Aponapó
Reserva de Selva Aponapó (Lugar de Origen de Yevia)

Aponapó Jungle Reserve

YEVIA was born in the heart of the Misiones jungle, from the Aponapó Reserve . This private natural reserve of 52 hectares is located in the Paraje La Bonita, within the Municipality of El Soberbio, Misiones, Argentina.


The reserve is an integral member of the Argentine Network of Private Natural Reserves. This network brings together all private reserves and environmental organizations in the country, contributing to the effective conservation and sustainable use of the natural and cultural values of Argentina.

reserva aponapó


Aponapó stands out for its extensive biodiversity, from monkeys and toucans, to orchids, chachíes and super striking mushrooms.

Different species have been sighted that are currently threatened or in danger of extinction.

Monte (bosque nativo)


The Aponapó Reserve stands out for presenting intangible areas; 35 of its 52ha are in the red category, which implies its conservation in perpetuity.

The Reserve has 6 km of trails that cross a hill, from whose height a lagoon generates 3 waterfalls.


It has an orchid garden, high-altitude wetlands, forests of tree ferns and cenetary trees characteristic of the Paraná jungle in a very good state of conservation.

reserva aponapó


The Aponapó Reserve has a Biological Station with suitable and comfortable facilities to receive researchers and thesis students for the development of their projects.


The internet connection allows you to access updated information and be in contact with universities and tutors. The presence of a permanent park ranger provides the collaboration, experience and security required. Our observations contribute to the scientific community to learn more about biodiversity and develop research that promotes its conservation.

Arboles de vivero de la Reserva de Selva Aponapó


In our reserve, we have 54 native trees certified as a source of seeds (INASE-Faculty of Forestry Sciences-UNaM). From the seeds collected, we produce around 10,000 new trees in our nursery each year.


These trees are intended for the restoration of forest areas degraded by human activity. They are planted in specific areas following restoration designs at the watershed and agrolandscape level in an area of 200 km2 within the buffer area of the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve.


Map of land uses, trails, location of seed trees and enrichment areas.

cerro de la reserva aponapó


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