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Plantas de Stevia


At YEVIA we promote a healthy and ecological diet with 100% natural products , ideal for those who value a healthy and sustainable lifestyle .

We use dried and ground Stevia leaves, in their purest and natural form, free of pesticides and without synthetic ingredients , chemical processes, refining, additives, or preservatives.

YEVIA is the perfect sweet alternative because it is naturally zero calories , preserving its medicinal properties . Unlike regular sugar and other artificial sweeteners, it offers a healthy option to sweeten your drinks and foods.


Ka'a (herb) he'ẽ (sweet)

Stevia or Ka'a he'ẽ (sweet herb in the Guaraní language) is a plant native to Paraguay, discovered more than a century ago by the naturalist Moisés Bertoni.

The Guaraní have used the complete leaves of this shrub for centuries as medicine, as well as to sweeten yerba mate and other foods.

The leaves of the stevia plant are approximately 40 times sweeter than sugar and the powdered sweetener extracted from them up to 200-300 times sweeter.


Sweetness is definitely part of our lives and replacing refined sugars or chemical sweeteners with stevia really produces a change in lifestyle.

Cultivos de Stevia
Stevia química


Sweetens naturally

Chemical Stevia is processed and includes additives, fining agents and synthetic preservatives. On the other hand, natural Stevia is pure and without additives, extracted straight from the leaf and free of chemicals.

Consuming Stevia in its purest form not only sweetens, but also retains beneficial health properties.

Stevia Natural
yevia crew


Yevia allows you to sweeten your drinks, infusions and meals naturally, taking advantage of a wide variety of properties that help us keep our body healthy and general well-being.


Take it everywhere with you and be part of our community.

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Stevia leafs

Yevia Infusion

Contains 15 grams of whole dried stevia leaves.


Uses : As a sweetener in your drinks, smoothies, drinks, mate, coffee, tea and infusions (hot and cold). They can also be used in cooking and in salads.

Stevia powder

Yevia Bakery

Contains 50g of powdered stevia leaves.


Uses : As a sweetener in cooking, in pastries, pastries, desserts and baking.


Benefits of stevia


Stevia suitable for diabetics
Stevia is 0 calories
Stevia reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Stevia is effective in treating hypertension
Stevia is anti cavities
Stevia is vital for children's nutrition
Stevia is anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant
Stevia is sweeter than sugar

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